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I love what I do

I currently live in beautiful Burlington, Ontario (Canada) but I was born and raised in and around Melbourne, Australia. Having grown up on a farm I was constantly surrounded by animals and I have always been drawn to them and nature. I was a very active kid and would spend hours many riding horses and being adventurous with my brothers and sister. As a teenager and into my 20s I became heavily involved in professional and semi-professional sports. I was a World BMX champion at age 15 and in my twenties I played semi-professional beach volleyball until I moved to Canada.

I long as I can remember I have always loved drawing. As early as 12 I would spend hours drawing animals (mostly horses) and even tried my hand at some pet portraits. Fast forward to 2016 and after my children began school I rediscovered my love for art and drawing. Not surprisingly I started by drawing horses...again. Being self-taught it took some time to get going but with some guidance I found my skills accelerating quickly. I am extremely passionate about capturing an animal's beauty and personality in every drawing I do. I strive for highly accurate drawings which is why I dedicate so much time fussing over every detail.

I hope you enjoy my drawings. If you're interested in any of them or would like to have a commission done please contact me. Additional information is available on my commissions page.

So what do you think?

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